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MR.KORN (Founder)

Name: Mr.Chakornphat (MrKorn/พี่โอ๋) Kaowudom
Position: Executive Engineering Director
Section: Enterprise Software Developing & Automated System Design

Mobile: +66 (0)82 5956164


- Provide solution and support in both industrial technical and business routine problem-solving, Hi-class instrument close loop feedback control system, Advance Inventory and Manufacturing data traceability, Networks, Automated in production and process improvement also Financial analysis and Statistic Process Control.


Currency : Industrial Assistance & Consultancy.
- 2014: Overview and designing Factory data traceability system for local industrials process quality monitoring, process control and inventory management.
- 2014: Design and developed Automobile part assy traceability inspection system for Maxtron Control Co.,Ltd. and TS Tech Co.,Ltd(Japanese branch).
- 2014: Design and developed Water & Pressure penetration resistance system for SIAMSTEEL Co,.Ltd to test 6x6 meters wall size under +/-2% target pressure accuracy per Australia standard AS4420.
- 2013: Design and developed "Yourvision Tool" inspection software to automated checking broken edge and color defect for DDotTech Co.,Ltd and FujiSeiki Thailand Co.,Ltd(Japanese branch).
- 2011-2012: Research & Developed Machine Vision Image Processing ("Yourvision Tool") as Thailand commercial product for industrial automated machine vision inspection, measurement and high accuracy assembly.
- Sep'10: Provide solution and develop rice packaging counter module for C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
- Mar-Apr'09: Design/develop the automated tobacco packing for TripleA Solution Co.,Ltd.
- Aug'09: Design dust & dirty powder material sucking control system for Siam Glass Co.,Ltd.
- Jun-Aug'09: Design/develop the automated Storm simulation system & Pascal leakage testing for Siam Steel Co.,Ltd.

2010 - 2011 : Western Digital Thailand Company, Electronic Industrial Hard disk manufacture. Latest Principal-2 Engineer Position (technical specialist manager).
- Response in Harddisk drive final assembly automated system in Thailand Advance Manufacturing Engineering department.

1994 - 2009 : Seagate Technology Thailand Company, Electronic Industrial Hard disk manufacture. Latest Senior Engineer Position.
- 15 years in Industrial Automation, Test equipment and Data base application design & development, design for six-sigma(DFSS), black belt project(MAIC), lean manufacturing in Thailand Advance Manufacturing Engineering department.
- Execute with oversea R&D and Thailand factory production and maintenance teams in order to manage and develop projects include 1000+ machines replication/ fabrication for MFG productivity and process improvement.
- Electronic component, Instrument and hardware design with Visual Studio.NET 2005, C#, C++, VB, Micro-Controller (80C51, Z80) and PLC such as Keyence, Mitsubishi, Siemens and Omron.
- Vision image processing systems(Cognex, Euresys, VisionBlox), stepping-servo motion systems(IAI, Galil, Parker) and any interfacing systems under OOP Framework management programming.
- Web base development with PHP, HTML, JSP, ASP.NET, Java, Excel macro, Access and Minitab macro
(VBA + SQL) to MySQL/ MS SQL/ Oracle database via ODBC or Dot NET connector under Apache, Tomcat and MS IIS web server.
- Advance socket communication TCP/IP, PDA & Mobile application, GSM/GPRS/SMS with AT Command for SCADA feedback.
- Operating system: MS-DOS, MS Windows98/ME/XP, TCP/IP networking.

1993 - 1994 : Computer Main board Assembly and Quality Assurance Engineer in AUVA Computer Company.
- 1 year experience in Quality Assurance engineer for computer manufacture industrial.


1989 - 1993 : Bachelor degree of Electronic Engineering from King Mongkut Institute of Technology Latkrabang.
1983 - 1989 : Science-Math graduated from Trium-u-dom Suksa Phatthanakarn high school.


- Senior Director of Seagate Technology Thailand /
- Senior Manager of Seagate Technology Thailand /